~brb, losing my mind~

Hi! My name's Erin. I'm 23 years old. Basically everything... though I have recently sold my soul to Marvel.


Trying to volunteer for a political campaign and she says meet her at so-and-so statue at 11am. I got here 15 minutes early because last time we met she got there 10 minutes early. Now I’ve been waiting for 45 minutes, texted her 30 minutes ago… And nothing.
I could be doing things right now. I could.



i am staunchly against the use of words like gaslighting having an expanded meaning to include “someone disagreeing with me” because the term gaslighting must maintain its meaning in order for us to listen to abuse victims and survivors.

expanding its meaning depoliticizes the term and removes language that should be afforded to those in need of it. 

(via marxreincarnation)